Looking for a safe place to study Yah's Word with others who want to keep our Father's command to keep the Seventh Day "Shabbat" set apart (holy)?


We are the Assembly of Yahuah, an online fellowship of believers who occasionally meetup in person for Sukkot or other feasts. Our primary purpose is to reach the Lost sheep of Yasharal (Israel) with the truth of Hebrew scripture about Yahusha HaMashiach (our Messiah). Our community has great joy studying Yah's Word together to show ourselves approved (2 Timothy 2:15).

Bridging the Gap

In this time of Awakening, we know it may be challenging to find physical fellowship. So we are able to fill an important gap for those who feel isolated in their present geographical location. Our fellowship is also a supplement for those hungry for more study opportunities than their physical fellowship provides. We gather virtually from all over the world each Shabbat to worship and discuss Yah's Word. We also gather for various bible studies and prayer throughout the week.

Beliefs / Statement of Faith

In short, we are a Torah following, Feast Keeping, Scripture-dividing group of believers who devote time to dissecting biblical topics and questions people have about Yah's Word. We are working on our statement of faith. When it is ready, we will share it here.


Assembly of Yahuah has a team of Elders who serve the believers who are apart of our fellowship. Their serving includes teaching, leading prayer and worship, facilitating bible studies, providing discipleship and counseling, administrative duties and more. There are many scriptures that talk about the important role of Elders, who are our Overseers and Watchmen. Here are few of them: 1 Timothy 3:1, Titus 1:7-9, 1 Peter 5:1-4.


Study to show thyself approved unto Yahuah, a workman that needeth not to be ashamed, rightly dividing the word of truth. —2 Timothy 2:15

Shabbat Schedule

Every Shabbat we gather with one another to worship, hear a Topical message, dialogue about that message together, then engage in a Torah Portion Study.

During the Week

We also gather during the week for various activities such as group bible studies and prayer. You can join from your computer, your smart phone or call in by telephone.

Yahuah's Feast Days

We believe in keeping our Father's appointed Feast Days, whether in our homes or with fellow believers in the area. View the Feast Days & Hebrew Calendar we follow.

Would you like to study with us?

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