All praises to my physician, Yahuah

When I was growing up, my mother who was from Jamaica, never took us to the doctor. We took no medicine, just herbs.

When I married, my husband and I moved to North Idaho where we had well water, clean air, a garden, and people raised animals for us in exchange for feed since we had a farm and garden store. I was also super active with racquetball and tennis. 

Even when I gave birth to my daughter, it was a home delivery by choice, as we never went to the doctor for anything.

After my children went off to college, my husband and I move to Hawaii. We worked for the county where one of the benefits was medical & dental insurance. That is when I had 8-10 fillings (the mercury kind) put into my mouth. That’s also when I had my first flu shot.

Subsequently, I developed high blood pressure, and my mother died of a stroke at age of 53 around this time. That is when I started taking meds.

Two years later I was diagnosed with hypothyroidism, poor liver function, and eventually bronchitis (from the Vog).

In 2015, I moved to Sacramento and started feel very sick one short year later. I choose not to go to a doctor and started my journey in getting off meds and better health. This resulted in a health recovery, all praises to my physician Yahuah!  4-5 years later after taking no meds, I have no high blood pressure, no thyroid problems, no liver problems, no bronchitis, and no mercury in my mouth!


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