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Yahuah's Calendar: A Look at Day, Year, Moon, Month, Evening & More! (Teaching + Group Discussion)

Did you know your Father in heaven has scheduled "Date Nights" with you? Indeed. They are called APPOINTED TIMES and He has outlined them in the Bible, His Word. But how do we figure out what these appointed times are? What does our Abba Father consider to be a DAY, an EVENING, NIGHT, A MONTH, A YEAR? Do we determine these appointed times by the MOON, STARS, SOMETHING ELSE?

And when exactly does a DAY start? When does a new MONTH start? a YEAR start? How did people in the Bible know these things when they did not have Google or Alexa, let alone a watch, modern calendars, or even paper in some cases! Is our NEW YEAR celebrated on January 1st like the Gregorian calendar, or does our New Year start another time?

Today, let's examine the heavenly calendar! First, you will hear a teaching presented on this topic, then immediately following the teaching get ready for an interactive group discussion as those who attend our Assembly dissect the Word together. You definitely don't want to miss the follow-up discussion to the teaching.

This study was recorded on December 7, 2019. Your comments are welcome in the comment section below! If you are interested in joining us live for a future study, please visit our website for more information on how to do so.

Join us as we study Yah's Word together!

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