Feast Days

All About Feast Days & Appointed Times

When first coming into the Truth, understanding Feast Days can potentially be one of the most confusing things. What do they mean? How do you observe them? When do you observe? On this page we share some general info, along with our assembly's "Feast Dates" we are observing for the 2020 Calendar Year.

Videos about The Shabbat & Yahuah's Seta Apart Calendar

Detailed PDFS with scriptural references on the various feast days...

feast of tabernacles - sukkot - yahuah

Feast of Tabernacles / Sukkot

Yom Teruah Feast of Trumpets

Feast of Trumpets/Yom Teruah

Pentecost Shavuot


Pesach (Passover) - Assembly of Yahuah - Shabbat Message and Discussion

Passover / Pesach & Unleavened Bread


New Moon of First Month

2021 Passover / Pesach

We are gathering in person, Yah-willing, for Pesach & the Feast of Unleavened Bread in April 2021. For complete details as the details become available, please click here.