From Unhealthy to Blooming in Yah

All esteem and Praise to the Father Yahuah, Brityah was a professional basketball player who after going back home became homeless due to low women’s pay overseas. She soon fell into depression, had anxiety, her eating habits were very unhealthy, and she gained a lot of weight while being back in the United States.

Yahuah soon saved her and led her to healthy eating and the benefits of exercise. Yahuah not only transformed her life, health and wellness, but he inspired her to create the brand “Bloom for Yah” to serve, inspire, and inform others in her community on the importance of exercise and good nutrition. She became a personal trainer and group instructor and has since then learned how to use her gifts and talents to serve and uplift the kingdom through Health and Wellness not only in the physical but the mental and spiritual as well.

HalleluYah for his healing, deliverance, and guidance through Yahusha.

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