Finances or Job-related

Please pray for

Please pray for me on my job, I need the most high to intervene on my behalf. The training has been some of the worst I’ve had on any job that had and it affects my production. Also, it’s not just me with this training issue, it is people that have been there 2 to…

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Abba is bringing

Abba is bringing his daughter to me and I will have to support her and my brother in Kenya that belongs to Yahuah. I currently only have section 8 and disability but Abba said just trust him but I know I will worry. Aman

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Please pray for

Please pray for Yahuah to give me favor and blessings with the board members, bosses, coworkers, residents and guests. And pray for a hedge of protection for me at work from enemies.

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Please pray for

Please pray for me. I need Yah’s help. I quit my previous job because I was tired of being cussed out and sexually harassed all day. I have this new job it is way better but the support system and communications are terrible. I got verbally insulted by a trainer today for asking a question.

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Pray for me

Pray for me at my new job, it is better than my old job but I still am in the Gentile world. They have made it harder to ask a question unless everybody sees it. They want us to ask questions in front of everybody not private. That is uncomfortable for me.

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Please pray that

Please pray that the Most High will show or guide me to a low stress side hustle to supplement my income or give me annuity and I need a home. Also, pray that my mind can learn my new job and that my rent will stop increasing at 10% a year. I need eyesight healing.

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