Sis Shamon’s mom

Sis Shamon’s mom just went into cardiac arrest. I’m praying for the body to keep her mom, herself and her family lifted in prayer!

Hi! I would

Hi! I would really appreciate prayer. I was injured in an accident and prescribed antibiotic doxycycline monohydrate and it caused intracranial hypertension with leaking spinal fluid, candida overgrowth, vision impairment, inability to drive. I also have cavities that need filled and old fillings replaced and I cannot afford these treatments so I would really appreciate…

Please pray for

Please pray for the health of myself (Shanese), my daughter Bella and my sister Jaida. We’ve been suffering from different medical conditions that has caused us pain and/or discomfort. Please pray that YAHUAH will have mercy on me and my family and make us whole, in the name of Yahusha!

Please pray for

Please pray for my health. I’m having a problem with gastritis and I’m in pain. Pray that I’m able to study and seek Abba and complete all that He has for me to do. Praise Yah, HalleluYah! Todah Yahuah.

I struggle with

I struggle with anxiety and heart issues. I have an irregular heart beat that’s way too fast for someone as young as I am. Ever since I’ve been doing a parasite cleanse, my mental health has been going downhill. I’m very scared and sometimes i get things telling me I’m worshipping something wrong when I…

Shalom brothers and

Shalom brothers and sisters, I’m going through a spiritual battle my thyroid is underactive and everything in my body is falling apart. My neck is in chronic pain and my mind is playing up. Please pray for me

for health and

for health and strength for my wife through my health issues and flare ups


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