I need to

I need to know how to pray properly to YAHUAH and end my prayer properly.also, please tell me which Bible I should be using to study to become closer to yahua and yahusha.

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I am dealing

I am dealing with the court system for a dui in which they can potentially put me in prison for upto two and a half years I need prayer to help me with this cause it has me so discouraged and wanting g to not live anymore. I am so sorry for my sins and

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I have always

I have always since I was little dream about the future jobs or future events that would happen like my baby brother that was born 18 later which is a big surprise that I dreamnt about without knowing my self first. I would love for anyone to pray for yahuah to use me a vessel

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Good morning, iam

Good morning, iam Daniel Chandra. Please, prayer request for me specially in the area of prosperity. Iam in lack of finances and prosperity over a very long time. Also for deliverance from satanic, evil /monitoring spirits. they are demonic, evil, monitoring spirits, spirits who torment me physically, emotionally started in year 2013 ,maybe originated from

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