Journal Questions

The Journal Question for the month of August!

What have you experienced and learned the hard way that you want to share?

DIRECTIONS: Write this question on the page in your journal that says "Journal Question." Then on the page that says "Journal Answer," write your answer. Then discuss your answer(s) with your Sister Keeper and pray if you would like to share your answers with other sisters when we gather on August 18th for our next Heart Search gathering! We will have a dedicated time to discuss this question collectively on that day, along with a few other reflective questions tied to our study of Abigail that we've done while working on the journal pages for Abigail. If you have any questions, feel free to reach out!

A Single Question we will discuss on July 21, 2022:

  • How do I ensure I'm doing all I can to do to be the Daughter of Zion that Abba Yahuah has called **me** to be?

Questions we will discuss on June 16, 2022:

  • In what situations did I not wait on Yahuah and move ahead of Him?
  • In situations where I do not wait on Yah to move on my behalf or answer my prayer, how do I deal with silence when Yah hasn't answered or moved just yet? With hope, anticipation, impatience, discouragement-other?
  • Do I find myself complaining about problems more than doing something tangible to solve them? If yes, what needs to happen for this to change for me?

Journal Questions Revealed

Previous Questions we Discussed:

  • Who is Yahuah asking me to forgive that I’m holding a grudge against?
  • Am I honoring Yahuah in my… marriage / singleness / parenting?
  • How did I respond the last time something upset me?
  • What did my response show about my heart?


A new question is revealed each month. Find the page in your journal workbook that says "Journal Question" for Woman #1 and write the questions that you see below. (Alternatively, you can write them down inside a blank notebook.) Then, on the page that says "Journal Answer," write your answers down. Your responses are private (between you & Yah) unless you feel led to share them in the Open Discussion part that we will have each time we have a Heart Search Session. Heart Search sessions are every 1st & 3rd Thursday, except if it falls on a Feast Day or communicated otherwise that we will not be gathering. Shalom!


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