Boys to Men Trivia on Mondays!

On Monday nights at 7:30p EST, the young men in our fellowship meet up for a social hour on Zoom. Currently, the night involves trivia such as Bible Jeopardy. Other ideas are in the works! It is a great opportunity for boys to see others their age who look like them who are also serving Yah. Dads are encouraged to participate. You might even see our elders.


A Time for Young Men of Yah

Google Dinosaur Game

Just for fun! Press the spacebar on your computer to start the game. Now, watch out for the obstacles in your way! Press the spacebar to jump over them. The enemy tries to put obstacles in our way all the time. We must be alert so that we do not run into them. But if we do, we can conquer them if we are dressed in the Armor of Yahuah! Obstacles like cactuses and fiery darts can cause great pain. Ouch.



Kids Shabbat Hour is every Shabbat beginning at 12:45 pm EST for children under the age of 18. We also have a Boys Trivia Night on Mondays & a Girls Tea & Paint party on Tuesday nights.


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