Living a Prepared Life

Desire is a 32-year-old married mother of 4, born and raised in Ohio. She is currently a nurse and has worked in healthcare for the better part of 16 years. She began working in healthcare as a nursing assistant as a teenager. Then later moving on to tackling nursing school. Taking a brief detour from healthcare, she went on to school for law enforcement. Desire Graduated in 2011 top of her class breaking state physical fitness records.

She then worked in law enforcement/corrections a couple of years being named rookie of the month almost immediately. She returned to healthcare after a couple of years.

Her desire to homestead was violently pushed into action in 2020 after falling ill and having to go on disability from work. Yahuah took what was meant for bad and turned it into good calling her out of darkness and into his marvelous light. Staring death in the face and knowing for sure she was not ready to go, she made a decision at that moment that if given another chance she would give her life to the Most High and she has done just that.

Desire has always been an “outdoorsy” homesteader at heart even though she was a city girl. She began learning survival first as a hobby, watching survival shows on television.

However, her passion has always been primitive survival and homesteading. Something was put in her as a young girl that has ended up being a blessing to her entire family in terms of preparedness and survival skills, and for that she gives all praise and thanks to Yahuah!


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