On The Sabbath

On the Sabbath

it’s time to rest and abide in Yahuah

to feel his presence and rejoice in his essence and beautiful radiance.

On the Sabbath

it’s time to clear my mind, unwind, be thankful for Yah’s shalom,

and his goodness as I’m set apart to love him with all my heart.

On the Sabbath

it’s time to get outside to admire Yah’s creation

that demonstrates his beauty, power, and mankind’s restoration.

On the Sabbath

it’s time to study Yah’s Word to receive comfort, healing,

and assurance of his promises

that makes my hope secure to have Shalom to endure.

On the Sabbath

it’s time to praise, sing, dance, play an instrument, and recite a poem short or long.

And it’s time to give Thanksgiving for being among the living.


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