For the Cadot Family!

Sis Jessica is coordinating a Prayer Focus on behalf of the Cadot Family for the preparation of their forthcoming baby. To participate, please use the form below to sign up and commit to pray during a specific hour. You can select "DAILY" to sign up to pray during the same hour every day, or select the specific days of the week you'd like to pray during that hour. To pray during multiple hours, you can fill-out the form again to select another hour. We will notify everyone who has signed up for this Prayer Focus by text when Sis BritYah goes into labor, so please be sure to add your mobile phone number. Todah rabah, praise Yahuah!

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Pray in the Ruach on all Ocassions

Prayer warrior - woman of Yahuah

Pray in the Ruach
on all occasions
with all kinds of
prayers and requests.

With this in mind,
be alert and always
keep on praying
for all Yahuah's people.

—Eph 6:18


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