I’m a lot

I’m a lot stronger now, but before I started my journey it was scary. I was going through torture and tormente. I was only following my family member who now I’m finding out who has a demonic book of prophets in his room. Now I’ve been sensing something at times but he doesn’t think anything is wrong with it . .. with all the demonic activity I’ve seen he’s told me I should go in a mental hospital or he’s called me demonic possessed at one point but I put on my entire armor of God, idk I just feel something not right. I always up now or wake up at 3-5a just because and I’ll just stay up at times. Sooooo much has happened. Idk. And I noticed my family member doesn’t put on the entire armor of yah. He makes his own vest and uses that. But I really don’t know. I want to move out. I’ve been but he won’t let me, I need him to sign me off the lease. All the demonic I’ve seen and been through. I can’t go anywhere without something happening to me. So saying yahushua I am scared to say it cause I’ve been told sooo much.


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