I’ve been dealing

I’ve been dealing with a lot of spiritual Warefare, a lot of demonic activity .. I was told that Yahuah does this cause we’ve been in sin , and to stop talking to my friend (who’s in prison for accused sexual assault) cause yah just wants me all to himself , I was told evil Spirits get through by the prison , or I needed to toss out my crosses, cause spirits are coming through there .. at times I would hear my dad walking back and forth back and forth and at times I feel like I’m fighting him (which kills me). .. he told me about yahushua/Yahuah and u should stop sinning, and I felt like these spirits we’re following me to other ppl house, I even saw a baby stare at me while my friend made bacon (that I was trying to give up) but being under pressure I did eat it .. I saw visions of black fly when I called my grandma one day.. the next day I was told she was in the hospital.. I think I was seeing in the spirit but these spirits we’re coming all in my Apt.. and confusing me. . using my dad .. he says.. and it’s causing friction between us… I would see black shawdows underneath the doorways that my dad and brother would sometimes go .. I didn’t know what to do.. so I hung up a cross .. my brother got Soo upset wouldn’t even go near it, I saw at one point my dad turn his head and mouthing off something towards my brother (but I was Soo depressed and my energy was drained ) I couldn’t say anything I was super comfy about what was going on in my house .. one of my family member kept calling me mental and said I needed to go into a mental health. Now if thats yahuah how is that love.. idk there’s been sooooo much …one day I was ready psalms 91 my family member came in and asked if I yelled , I said no, then I heard him walking,walking back and forth in and out. Fast pace. I would sometimes hear him occasionally. As soon as I got through reading psalms 91. He burst in and I felt a strong presence with him, I was shaken but I still kept on reading (this guy that was kind of helping me said) the most high won’t let them touch you, so keep reading and that spirit would go .. I heard something from him too. It was weird.. he had a talk with me saying I think he’s the demon and I don’t. He’s also a Hebrew ,he says I’m not following him but God said follow no man..that’s why I wanted to do this on my own, but my faith was badly shaken( I had the evil eye) I had to fight and cry to pray how do I get these spirits out. My dad says they’re angels but they’re like black underneath the door and it clinges to the door like it’s demonic. My dad says he studied a lot with he did for years.. but I also told my friend it looks like it’s something else in my dad. Cause I know my dad. Stuff happened that I cant say on here but he like jolted out the room and I felt a good presence wake me right before.. and the dreams I would get.. but I was told by him Hebrews don’t get dreams idk I know Jesus was a Hebrew but idk if im yet, if yahuah is love why was I getting tortured seeing spirits and different eyes idk I was real badd. I was told yahuah does this cause of all the sin we’ve been in and that I shouldn’t leave him or talk to others cause yahuah wants me all the myself .. there’s so much but I was smelling this spirits etc but was told to get out of that spooky stuff..that’s evil can someone please write me back leesemonya1@gmail.com. And keep me in prayer


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