Please pray for

Please pray for completely transformed desires and that God deliver me from all wickedness, oppression and evil. Pray God totally remove every perverse and wrong desire and all related sickness of heart, mind and body caused by perverted desire. Pray God flood my heart, mind and soul with right and good desires that are from him alone, the desires he wants for me, and that he provide abundantly and perfectly for every desire he gives me. Pray to burn with holy fire instead of hell’s fire. Pray for freedom from the occult, shame and failure. Pray for sexual freedom, right relationship and peace with God and others, miracles of deliverance, and great faith for freedom and breakthrough in all these areas. Pray God abundantly pour out his Holy Spirit, love and mercy on me! Pray for complete peace with God and that God fully and completely redeem the time and all that’s happened to me. Pray for deep, deep healing, wholeness, abundant life and prosperity of soul, and a full and satisfying life in Christ. Pray every ancestral curse be broken and that God bless and deliver all of my parents and all families as well (I have a very broken family because of sin and divorce) – that not even one be lost. Pray to walk in all God’s promises by faith, that God hear every single prayer and petition, and that no demon ever touch or use me (especially sexually) again. Pray that all these good works be fully, supernaturally completed and eternally sealed by God in Jesus name.


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