Shalom! Please pray

Shalom! Please pray for healing over the lungs of my 7 month old and 2yr old. They were Ill in March and their lungs have not recovered. My 7month old is on breathing treatments around the clock. The drs are seeing the external signs of them working hard to breathe but we have not been able to remedy. my husband is new to the truth and is struggling with the transition. Learning and accepting that we were raised in false doctrine has been a tough pill for him to swallow. He is following Torah (now) but the enemy has filled his head with thoughts that he doesn’t know enough of the word to participate/learn in lessons, that his lack of understanding prevents him from attending services because he won’t understand it, his FEAR in social situations and pre existing social anxiety prevent him from reaching out with questions and even stops him from attending studies. He is eager to learn but the social fear/anxiety is STRONG. Pray for the spirit of fear to leave him, that yahuah will quicken his spirit and remove the lies that have filled his mind which will allow him to gain understanding and being able to reach out/participate in studies and the q&a. His words to me were “I’m like a baby with this, I don’t know much and I don’t understand it. I started reading genesis today to try and learn for myself but pls be patient with me because it’s not easy. I am trying my best and I want to do what’s right by Yahuah”


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