Below are recommended study tools such as bible apps, restored names bibles, concordances, lexicons, Hebrew fonts, and more relevant to personal bible study & your walk in Yahuah! View the resources below, and you can also add your own! Much shalom.

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Bible Study Tools (6)

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Bible Apps (3)

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Hebrew Fonts (3)

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Additional Resources

Here are some additional resources that may be of interest!
The first three resources listed our platforms created by our elders.

4th Angels on YouTube

Brother Jahdiel has established a Bible academy that includes its own resources & videos. Click here for the videos!

Yahudah Living on YouTube

Brother Rod's family is growing a platform of lifestyle and community resources for those in Yashrael.

Yahuah Kingdom on YouTube

Brother Rick posts recordings of our weekly Gospels studies on his YouTube channel the same day or next day.

Yahuah Youth

Yahuah Youth is dedicated to children & teens. It features songs & content to help youth grow in their walk with Yah.

All Praises Radio

Listen to Set Apart music 24-hours a day, along with Scripture meditations set to music and restored Bible readings.

2024 Feasts Dates

Here is a handy document that lists the biblical feasts & dates, along with the Scriptures.

Assembly Studies & Events

Here is our events & studies in a gregorian calendar format so that you can save the date!

Homeschooling Resources

For parents who homeschool their children, this section is dedicated to listing homeschooling resources.

Children Activity Sheets

Check out some fun coloring pages and activity sheets that you can download for children.

Download Pamphlets

See ebooks & PDFs from the Fourth Angels Learning Center & Yahuah Kingdom, plus more.

Download Ancient Hebrew Letter Chart

Here is a printable chart we made of the twenty-two (22) Letters of the Hebrew (Abry) language. You will see the ancient & modern Hebrew letters. Poster size coming soon!



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