Songs About our Heart 💗

Shalom! Here are the songs from our very first Heart Search women's gathering.

DIRECTIONS: Click on any song below to hear it, then you can even paginate through the songs like a slideshow! The lyrics to each song are found in the PDF that is below the songs.

Father, renew me, clean & cleanse my heart, that I may have a pure heart, as I examine myself and run back to you

Song Lyrics 🎵

Below are the lyrics to the songs above.

DIRECTIONS:  Use the menu bar that appears on the PDF below to see all of the pages of the PDF. Alternatively, you can simply scroll down the PDF using the scrollbar or trackball on your mouse (or even the down-arrow on your keyboard). It's also possible to download the PDF.

[pdf-embedder url="" title="Heart Search - Song Meditations" download="on" scrolltotop="on" toolbar="both"]

We pray for the Father to truly baruk (bless) you during your Heart Search journey!


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