In 2021, Sukkot begins at sundown on Thursday, October 21st, and ends at
sundown on Friday, October 29th.

Lodging availability is time-sensitive, so act fast!

A Festival the Whole World will Keep

Zechariah 14


We are observing Yahuah's Feast of Tabernacles a.k.a. "Sukkot" assembly-wide from sundown on Thursday, October 21st, and ends at sundown on Friday, October 29th. As we have persons who fellowship with our assembly from coast to coast, there will be an East Coast Gathering and a West Coast Gathering. See details for both gatherings below!

Sukkot is a feast commanded in Scripture for us to convocate, celebrate, and remember how Abba Yahuah delivered our ancestors from Egypt. Prophetically, Sukkot/Tabernacles points to the millennial reign of Yahusha while also looking back to the Israelites post-Exodus journey through the wilderness, and commemorates what many believe to be the actual time of Messiah’s birth. 

If you have some differences of opinion on calendric systems or the exact feast dates, we still invite you to join us. Seeking the unity of the Ruach (Spirit) in perfect shalom, loving one another, respecting each other’s walk with Yahuah is emphasized and encouraged, even if some of us may differ in areas of understanding. We know that we all are a work in progress and we are called to humility, “considering one another better than ourselves” (Philippians 2:3).

We celebrate this feast by gathering to worship and feast for eight days, and we do not perform any servile work on the first day of the feast (a set-apart day) and the last day of the feast (the Last Great Day), as commanded in Scripture. 

In Hebrew, the word for a single shelter is a sukkah—plural sukkot—so the holiday was called Sukkot in Hebrew. (Pronounced “sue-COTE”.) This is an opportunity to be outdoors in Creation or in temporary dwellings with our family in a shelter (sukkah) to be reminded that all of life is temporary, but that you are heading towards the Promised Land.


Yes, we will have immersions (baptisms) at this year's Sukkot in both locations! If you would like to be immersed during this feast day, please indicate so on the RSVP form below.


The schedule is pending and will be posted here. Activities for the East Coast Sukkot venue include Fishing, Hiking, Campfires, Basketball, Volleyball, Kayaking, Swimming Pool, Playground, Full-Service Marina, Sandy Beach on the Bay, & Golf Cart Rentals. Of course, there will be lots of gathering times for studies & worship together also!


If you would like to sponsor a brother, sister, or family in our fellowship to help them lodging expenses so they are able to attend one of the Sukkot gatherings with our Assembly, please use the GIVE tab on the website and write "Sukkot Sponsorship" in the memo.

2 Feast Locations!


The East Coast Feast will take place in Virginia between two resorts: New Point RV Resort and Gwynn's Island (the 2 resorts are 20 minutes from one another).


Those in the California area, stay tuned for details about the West Coast feast gathering.

Sukkot begins at sundown on Thursday, October 21st, and ends at sundown on Friday, October 29th.


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