Genesis Chapter 30: Jacob & Laban

July 6

Series: Genesis

It’s a beautiful journey we’ve been through, watching the lives of the Patriarchs… and watching the human ways about them. If you allow it to, our Patriarches can be memorialized in a way that is ungodly or unlike Yah. They can almost be worshipped within themselves. Reflecting on the chapters in Genesis we have studied so far, it seems as though Yahuah is continually trying to show us that they have the same sensibilities as we do. They have the same five senses. They can see, they can hear, they can taste, they can see, they can smell, they can touch. And they act upon those things sometimes to their detriment. But always Yah directs them even in the course of their errors, in their ways, back to Himself. And perhaps these things are recorded in Genesis, not in a perfect way where their flaws are omitted from the story, but recorded in a way that shows their flaws, to perhaps show the difference between man our Abba Father and The Messiah. We can be encouraged as we read through and watch the mistakes that they make.

We read a couple chapters ago out Jacob, how he and his mother swindled to get their way into the frey when it was already promised by Yah. And we watched that whole idea of being deceived or being a deceiver, or being bamboozled comes back full circle.  We discussed whether or not Jacob got away with this. The answer is no. The scripture shows that he didn’t. We are right in the middle of Jacob starting his family, which becomes the 12 tribes and the text goes into the birth of his children, the two sisters and the concubines.

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