Are Yahuah and Yahusha One and the Same?

NEW! We have a weekly Question & Answer Forum to address questions from those within our assembly. The goal is to dive deep, verse by verse, to extensively explore each question to collectively come up with a Yah-based answer, one that is based on His Word in scripture.

We never go on as “business as usual” when there are burning questions within our fellowship. And for the benefit of others who may have the same or similar questions, we are publishing this forum publically to our YouTube channel. If you would like to participate in the forum, visit the JOIN US form on our website at

There are many questions we will examine. The first question on the docket is about ONENESS. Specifically, are Yahuah & Yahusha one and the same? We took our time answering this question to ensure we explored everyone’s questions and every scripture offered. So to partake in the entire answer to this forum question, be sure to watch all three parts.

Part 1: This video
Part 2:
Part 3:

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Join us as we study Yah’s Word together!”


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