The Flour & Oil Just Kept Coming! The Widow of Zarephath (Women in the Bible Series)

Facilitator: Amah Linda

TEXT: 1 Kings 17; Luke 4:25-26
WOMAN: The Widow of Zarapeth
RECORDING DATE: July 3, 2020

The Prophet Elijah is invited into a widow’s home after he asks her for a piece of bread. He had arrived in Zarephath hungry, and even though she only had a wee bit of flour & oil left to feed her and her son, she uses the last little bit to feed Prophet Elijah. That’s when the miraculous begins to take place. Elijah blesses her, and her flour pot becomes bottomless! She just keeps on having flour. The same with her oil. It just kept coming. Then her son dies and is literally raised from the dead after Elijah prays fervently for Yahuah to bring him back to life.

What can we learn from the widow of Zarapeth? Anything we can apply to our life today?

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