The Virtuous (Proverbs Thirty-One) Woman

July 10

Scripture: Proverbs 31

TEXT: Proverbs 31
WOMAN: The Virtuous WomanThe women in our assembly gather weekly to take a close look at various women found in Scripture for our study series, “Women in the Bible.” We examine these women one at a time to see what traits about them we can apply (or avoid) in our lives today.In today’s study, while we know the woman detailed in Proverbs chapter 31 is an allegorical character and not an actual specific woman, we still want to study this passage. It is written to a man by a woman sharing motherly advice about the type of woman he should seek, and she details to him the traits of a virtuous woman who she describes as being worth far more than rubies. Let’s discuss these traits together and learn what Yah means by the word “virtuous” or chayil (Strong’s H2428). It might not mean what you think!

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