Understanding Elohim & Its Many Applications #ELOHIM #MIGHTYONE (Word Study)

June 23

Series: Q&A Bible Study

“Elohim means MIGHTY ONE. But to whom does the word ELOHIM refer to? Yah only? Yahusha? Other (false) gods? Us?

Join this intimate late night impromptu Bible Study recording surrounding a study of the word ELOHIM as it is used in Scripture. This is an important study for every believer to have a better understanding of scriptures that use this word.

This study strives to at how and when this word applies to our Heavenly Father and when it does not. Fully understanding this word will also help in the proper application as we come across it throughout the Bible.

It might not always mean or refer to whom you think!

Join us as we study Yah’s Word together!”


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