When does a Day start? When does Sabbath start? (Q&A Study—Passover Edition) (Episode 1, First Half)

June 23

Series: Q&A Bible Study

“You do not want to miss the newest edition of Assembly’s Q&A Study series which is focusing on Passover! Q&A stands for Questions and Answers, and we are gathering to discuss questions surrounding the what/when/how/why of Passover.

Up first is establishing a biblical foundation together of what is a DAY and a SABBATH (SHABBAT). What constitutes it? Can there be darkness during the day? Does it start at sundown or first thing when we see light outside? When precisely does the Shabbat start? We start with these questions first which will help us as we progress along to get to more details and hard-line questions surrounding Passover also known as Pesach.

Let’s dig into Yah’s Word together, shall we?

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