Yahuah’s Alphabet (Song) — Abry/Hebrew AlBet with Pictorial/Pictograph Letters #otiot

Yahuah's Alphabet (Song) — Abry/Hebrew AlBet with Pictorial/Pictograph Letters #otiot

Facilitator: Sis Neshia

“This song is part of the assembly’s Hebrew Word study class for women. This Al Bet song features Pictograph/Pictorial Letters and Sounds. This fun song (sung to the tune of Do-Re-Mi) helps us with sight-seeing or memorizing these letters. We hope it helps you too in mastering Yah’s Al Bet. Grace & Shalum!

Shout out to the author of this YouTube video who inspired the creation of this video & gave us permission to use his idea:

We created our own version with a focus on the Pictorial or Pictograph (original) Hebrew language & the original pronunciation of those letters. Enjoy!”


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