Yahuah Loves You (Song)

Press the PLAY button below to hear how the song, “Yahuah Loves You” came about! This song is written & sung by Sis Neshia and within 11 months of being on YouTube as over 14,000 views. All esteem to Yahuah! The short video clip below is extracted from the word study class we had on the word “Yahuah” (Strong’s #H3068) nearly one year ago.

The message is a simple but powerful one, “Yahuah loves you!” The lyrics are also below. Sing along and share this song with a friend. Perhaps introduce the Father’s Name to someone who has never heard it before. Even though we have no way of knowing 100% how the Father’s Name is pronounced based on the four Hebrew letters found in Hebrew Scriptures, we know He has a Name, and He tells us repeatedly in the Word to call upon His Name.



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